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Improving next generation assessment design

using sophisticated techniques to explore real-world problems

to link design rationales with local contexts

building a bank of data to inform your work

Assessment MicroAnalytics

Next Generation Design

Investing in microanalytic studies will improve your assessment design and strengthen test performance, user experience and validity. They underpin ‘next generation’ assessment in education, professional qualifications and health. We conduct lab-based and field studies to provide rich, useful data. By involving us early on, you’ll receive invaluable feedback that informs your test design, preempts problems and mitigates expensive redesign costs.

Microanalytic Insights

Capturing data on everything from eye movements and emotion to gesture and verbal interaction, our sophisticated studies observe assessment responses as they take place in real-world settings. Our ethnographic research on test reception and user experience bridge the gap between design rationales and local knowledge, helping you to understand and compare test performance and validity data across contexts.

Process Data Visualisation

Our fine-grained samples of test performance provide an invaluable resource to support investigations into assessment anomalies, analysis of item characteristics, test fairness and data forensics. We make the information available to you through helpful visualisation tools, including animations, eye tracker images, videos and analytics reports.

Clients include:

How we work

Bryan Maddox

Dr Bryan Maddox

Executive Director, AMA

In addition to his role as Executive Director of Assessment MicroAnalytics, Bryan is an Associate Professor in  educational assessment at the University of East Anglia. His assessment research is inspired by micro-analytic traditions in anthropology, conversation analysis and gesture studies.  Bryan’s research has taken him around the world to Mongolia, Slovenia, Senegal, the USA, Bangladesh, and Nepal.  He is also a director of the Laboratory of International Assessment Studies (an international research network).  His latest book, International Large-Scale Assessments in Education is published by Bloomsbury.



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